Pretor Sectional Title is the premier managing agent providing administration of Sectional Title complexes

Pretor Sectional Title

Our portfolio currently comprises approximately 480 complexes consisting of 35000 homes and includes some of the largest Sectional Title Communities in the country.

Our sophisticated financial and property management system runs off the SAP Business One platform and provides both staff and clients with a high level of functionality and access to live, real-time information on all our complexes at any given time.


  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Trust account statement
  • Cash availability
  • Detailed levy roll
  • Levy arrears report with age analyses

All documentation referred to above is updated on transactions occurring and can be made available to trustees immediately upon request. The system further provides us with the capability of pro-actively reviewing and managing our clients’ funds to ensure they are timeously invested to attract the best possible interest for their complex.

We pride ourselves on having experienced, highly qualified and friendly staff with all Portfolio Managers being required to complete formal industry training. Each of our Portfolio Managers are supported by a dedicated Portfolio Assistant and Financial Department comprising Bookkeepers, Payroll and Clearances Departments as well as creditors and municipal payments clerks. Further, our collections department has made great strides in reducing levy arrears and is headed up by an admitted attorney. All our staff work together to ensure we provide a professional and value-added service to our clients.

Pretor is registered with the following statutory bodies:


1. Estate Agency Affairs Board

Fidelity Fund Certificates are issued to Pretor and key staff. These are your assurance that the funds managed by us are insured by the EAAB.

2. Debt Collectors Council

We are registered debt collectors which is a statutory requirement for all managing agents collecting levies.


3. National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA)

We are active members of NAMA and have served on both the Gauteng North Committee and National Board of Directors of the Association.

Through our experience in property development we have extensive understanding of the NHBRC requirements and developers’ obligations in respect of leaking roofs, plumbing, electrical and structural warranties.  This has lead to us becoming specialists in facilitating the transition of a new development to a fully functioning and
financially secure community. We would like to introduce our services to new clients and invite you to contact us to afford us the opportunity of presenting Pretor to you.

We welcome the opportunity of introducing our services to you and invite you to contact us so that we can set up a meeting to determine your requirements.

Pretor is active in all spheres of the property market, but specifically focused on:

  • Sectional Title Administration
  • Residential Communities Administration
  • Home Rentals
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Financial Services