Pretor Financial Services is ideally placed to provide competitive loan financing to your complex.

Pretor Financial Services is an authorised financial services provider that offers innovative financial products tailored to Pretor Group’s property portfolio.

Our financial services department offers the following financial products:

Financial Services:


1. Long term loan financing with fixed repayment terms and conditions
  • 12 to 36 month loan periods;
  • Variable interest rate linked to prime rate;
  • Due diligence to determine loan affordability; and
  • Cession of levy income proceeds as security for the loan if they default on payment.
2. Loan financing of arrear debtors book and guarantee of monthly levies
  • Provision of a loan to purchase existing debtors book;
  • Cession of debtors as security for the loan;
  • Pretor will continue to collect the arrear levies on behalf of the complex or estate; and
  • Guarantee of monthly levies with owner contributions as security for the guarantee.
3. Short term bridging finance
  • A once-off bridging loan of either R10, 000 or R20, 000 to cover any shortfall in the Trust account occurring within a calendar month.

Insurance Services:


Pretor Financial Services, a registered financial services provider (FSB 44975) offer our clients:
  • Specialised policies catering for the specific needs of Sectional Title and Residential Communities;
  • Competitive premiums due to our large portfolio;
  • In-house claims logging, monitoring and claims payments;
  • Real time updates to clients with regards to the progress of claims;
  • Geyser replacement and claims settlement are done in-house and within 24 hours provided access to the unit is granted;
  • Direct access to the insurer to facilitate the resolution of repudiations where unreasonably applied.

For a detailed quotation or more information of how our insurance products can benefit your scheme contact our Insurance Department on (012) 001 – 9136 or 

We welcome the opportunity of introducing our services to you and invite you to contact us so that we can set up a meeting to determine your requirements.

Pretor is active in all spheres of the property market, but specifically focused on:

  • Sectional Title Administration
  • Residential Communities Administration
  • Home Rentals
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Financial Services